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Assessment Tools Top Sales Recruiting Firms Use

Job candidate assessment tests are commonly used in the recruiting process for sales jobs. There are many types of tests with varying advantages, and the best sales recruiting firms will use a combination of the most suitable ones to find the best candidates.

Read on to discover the assessment tools used by top sales recruiting firms.

One of the most common assessment tools used by top sales recruiting firms is pre-employment testing. Pre-employment tests have the advantage of being standardized. Their standardized nature makes them objective tools to use while assessing candidates.

Examples of such tests include aptitude, personality, emotional intelligence, and skill tests. Pre-employment testing is so common that nearly two-thirds of the top sales recruiting firms use it.

Another popular assessment tool is simulations conducted in assessment centers. These centers are typically simulations of the sales environment that assess a candidate’s ability to perform in a sales job. This assessment provides a clearer picture of candidates that would be a good fit for the sales position.

In addition to pre-employment testing and job simulations in assessment centers, top sales recruiting firms also use interviews to assess candidates. Interviews are a crucial tool in the recruiting process, as they allow the firm to get to know the candidate on a more personal level.

Many assessment tools are available to sales recruiting firms who are looking to place top sales performers. The type of tool used will be based on the specific needs of the organization. For example, some firms may prefer to use personality assessments, while others may give greater weight to skills tests. In any case, the goal is to find the best match between the candidate and the organization, which will ensure that the candidate turns into a long term employee.

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