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Polartech Components: Increasing Reliability

Companies looking to improve the reliability of their lubricants need to consider the diverse number of additives and agents provided by Polartech. Components available from this brand provide superior qualities when enhancing both soluble oil and neat oil bases. Through research and close collaboration between metalworking fluid (MWF) manufacturers and the lubricant manufacturer, the result has been welcomed by many industrial concerns.

Finding the Right Balance

Polartech components result from knowing what makes a product successful. It required a complete understanding of how to create a line that responds to the requirements of its customers while adhering to specific environmental, legislative and chemical guidelines.

Of particular importance to metalworking industries is knowing the agents or additives introduced into a lubricant can perform the designated task reliably. The product may be a

  • Corrosion Inhibitor: Polartech components are water-based and use either high and low boron or water-soluble borate to achieve this goal
  • Emulsifier: This can be combined in a package with corrosion inhibitors to increase the impact
  • Lubricity agent: For reliability, it is hard to match the preciseness as well as the selection which includes sustainable options
  • Degreaser: Among these is a sulfated vegetable oil
  • Extreme Pressure additive: These are light color active and inactive sulfurized agents

Polartech Components

Metalworking relies on lubricants to function. With the addition of additives, effectiveness increases. Polartech’s various products provide support for diverse applications. They not only increase both light and heavy applications for various types of metal, but they are also reliable in duplicating these results.

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