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When and Why You Need a Professional Junk Hauler in Seattle, WA

Keeping your property clean and junk-free is important in Seattle. It helps to maintain your property’s value, as well as those in the rest of the neighborhood. Whether you need to get rid of a little bit of junk or are clearing out a hoarder’s home, a junk hauler can help. Professional junk hauling in Seattle, WA is fast, affordable, and easy. Best of all, your junk will either be donated and repurposed, or recycled. With just a phone call, you can make old kitchen appliances, furniture, and junk disappear.

If you’ve recently remodeled your home, there will be construction waste and old appliances that need to be hauled away. A junk hauler in Seattle can help with that, too. If the appliances still work, they’ll be donated, and wood, cement, and wiring can be recycled.

Generally, junk hauling in Seattle, WA is priced per load or a portion of a load. Also, there may be restrictions on what can be hauled; for example, some junk haulers may not accept hazardous materials, paint, or items infested with bedbugs. Make sure you know what they can haul, and what it will cost, before setting an appointment.

Don’t allow clutter to overtake you. Junk around your property is not only unsightly, but it can also result in fines from the city. A junk hauler in Seattle can give you an estimate, and responsibly remove the junk littering your property.

Contact Leo Mar Junk Removal for responsible junk hauling in Seattle, WA.

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