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Treating a Home Right Before a Thorough Water Damage Restoration in Carmel IN

In the case of water damage in the home, every second counts. This is hardly an exaggeration, for water can dramatically affect wood, furniture, walls, and foundations in hours. Even when the water has dissipated, the damage has been done and the wheels have turned on the major calamities that have occurred and are still occurring.

A professional firm for Water Damage Restoration in Carmel IN will thoroughly review and clean the home at every square inch. But depending on when the water damage occurs, it could be a period of time until they arrive. Usually the response rate is within a day, but every minute counts in the overwhelming potential damage of water in the home. Below are some things anyone can do to minimize damage and get valuable contents in a position where they could be improved and not worsened.

Treating Paper Items

Paper items will absolutely fall apart at the touch if not handled properly in the immediate hours preceding Water Damage Restoration in Carmel IN. There are really only two ways to handle wet paper, such as photographs, paintings, or other such items. The first is keeping it flat if it already is so. If it is inside a picture frame, remove the frame and let it drop to a flat surface. If this can be done without touching it, even better. Try to frame the main image facing up and expose it to sunlight. Again, it is a matter of not touching it if at all possible.

Air Flow Through the Home

This will only be mentioned briefly because it is self explanatory. As long as surfaces are wet, the damage will be enhanced. Try to dry the home quicker by lifting all windows, turning on all ceiling fans, and plugging in small fans to point directly at especially bad surfaces. This is important for carpeting where mold damage can begin occurring within an hour of the carpet being wet.

Another small tip is padding. Homeowners can try to absorb water by softly applying towels and stepping on them if they are on the ground. This will help penetrate deeper into the carpeting and pull moisture at the lowest levels. Visitors can discover more info here about treating a water damaged home. For more information contact Indiana Restoration and Cleaning Services today.

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