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Overgrown Sidewalks Keep Customers Away From Your US Business

Like your home, your business property also has curb appeal. If your building’s sidewalks are overgrown with weeds, it makes a bad impression on potential customers. However, the problem can not be solved by having your gardener spray the weeds. The root of the problem goes much deeper.

As the wooden concrete expansion joints in your sidewalks decay, they turn into mulch. This is a perfect environment for weeds and grass. Simply spraying or pulling the weeds is only a temporary fix. To permanently stop weeds, you’ll need to replace the expansion joints.

Replacing wooden concrete expansion joints is nearly impossible. One popular alternative is sidewalk caulk expansion joints. However, applying caulking to sidewalk expansion joints is time-consuming and expensive. Also, the result is less than desirable. Caulking gets dirty quickly and is hard to clean.

The best replacement concrete expansion joints are made of plastic. Not only are they easy to use, but they also look great and are easy to clean. Plastic sidewalk expansion joints come in three colors, gray, brown, and black so that you can accent your business’s sidewalks. The look is extremely attractive and lasts for years.

The exterior of your business must be maintained to attract customers. Faded paint, dying plants, and overgrown sidewalks can keep people away. On the other hand, a well-maintained building welcomes customers to come inside. It pays to make your business as attractive and welcoming as possible.

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