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Landscaping Company in Maryland: Progressive, Aesthetic, and Environmental

A landscaping company in Maryland has a job to fulfill your expectations for an appealing and functional yard, garden, or office grounds. It maintains the delicate balance between an expert’s professional assessment and your vision. Ideally, it also caters to environmental and community concerns. Among other crucial considerations, your landscaping goals will gravitate towards design, plants, and maintenance.

Designs set the framework for how you wish your landscaping project to look and function. Most often, there are budgetary and space concerns. Technological advancements allow digital drawings that enable you to visually track a landscaping project before construction even begins. You are in charge of several aspects of the design phase:

  • Economic boundaries
  • Products
  • Designer
  • Environmental and community compatibility

A landscaping company in Maryland will guide you on native flowers, tees, shrubbery, grasses, and ferns that you can use to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your garden or commercial property.

  • Flowers – false blue indigo, cardinal, or rosemallow
  • Trees – white oak, flowering dogwood, or Eastern redcedar
  • Shrubs – black or red chokeberry, maple leaf viburnum, or winterberry holly
  • Grasses – wool grass, blue sedge, or yellow Indiangrass
  • Ferns – Christmas, lady, or sensitive


The design and installation of the features of your landscaping are for naught without appropriate maintenance.

  • Prune – remove branches or roots that may adversely affect the health of your plants
  • Look for signs of disease in plants
  • Remove snow
  • Rotate plants – schedule based on colors, seasonality, or perennials
  • Apply mulch and maintain soil health, minimizing erosion
  • Repair permanent fixtures – walls, stones, or fountains


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