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Bottom Seal Considerations for Garage Doors in Abbotsford

Homeowners planning to buy new Garage Doors in Abbotsford should have weather stripping along the bottom and sides, especially if the garage is attached to the house. The seals on the doors help with climate control in the garage, which can have a significant effect if the home is attached to this structure. Weather stripping along the bottom also keeps out mice and other pests that can sneak under the door, and it blocks leaves and other organic debris during the common windy conditions here.

Weather stripping for the bottom seal is available in various materials and combinations of materials. Homeowners may want to consider the characteristics of each before deciding which is best for their own garage.

Rubber and vinyl both are flexible, which is important for uneven garage floors since the materials conform to the surface. Rubber tends to be better in cold climates, however, and British Columbia qualifies as a cold-weather region. Temperatures frequently dip below freezing during the winter, and rubber is more flexible in these conditions. Vinyl is more likely to crack or even break during harsh cold snaps.

Some seals are manufactured of both rubber and vinyl, providing the best characteristics of each. This can prevent some of the negative issues associated with one or the other. Another type of seal is made of aluminum and contains vinyl inside. Of course, this doesn’t offer the flexibility of the other materials.

After installation of Garage Doors in Abbotsford, the contractor makes sure there are no air leaks and that the door is level at the bottom. Adjusting the tracks so the doors fit snugly against the side seals may be advisable. Homeowners also may want to order insulated doors for better climate control. British Columbia is known for very hot weather as well as for very cold weather. Opening the house door leading into the garage lets in air at whatever temperature the structure reaches. Homeowners will want that temperature to be as moderate as possible.

Consult with a homeowner on different types of bottom seals before installing new garage doors. For more information visit Doorcare.

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