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Awards For Continuing Education

The award for continuing education (ACE) recognizes medical professionals who have shown their dedication to lifelong learning and improving their skills. It’s conferred to those who have earned enough continuing education units within a specified period. You can get this award if you qualify by earning enough credits through participating in relevant continuing education events and also fulfilling the requirements below.

Earning an ACE award

ACE awards are given to physicians who:

• Participate in accreditation events
• Earn the requisite professional development hours within a specified period. This will, however, depend on the accrediting body.
• Qualify for one or more eligibility categories. For instance, becoming a member or earning specific certifications.

ACE CE courses are a great way to fulfill these requirements, and there are available online. They are divided into 3 categories, namely administrative, general and clinical.

For medical assistants to keep their medical certificate, they should earn 10, administrative, 10 clinical, and 10 general points. The other 30 points must combine any of the three categories. Out of the 60 points, medical assistants have to make sure that 30 points are from continuing education units (CEUs) approved by the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA).

Where can you get continuous medical education?

To maintain your licensure, you must fulfill the requisite continuing medical education hours. This way, you will be eligible for ACE awards. There are many resources that offer ways to earn CME credits in both categories 1 and 2.

Some organizations charge for credits, especially if you haven’t taken any courses, and this can make things quite pricey. However, if you become a member, you can access these ACE CE courses at a discounted price or for free. Resources you should try include web-based platforms such as Annals of continuing education (ACE), Medscape, or Pri-Med.

Lastly, shop around for ACE CE courses offered near you. Consider the pricing, and remember to renew your membership. Many organizations can offer free CE credits for those who study through their courses.

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