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Termite Control in Fort Myers FL – Top on the List of Homeowner Concerns

Termite control in Fort Myers FL is a top concern on homeowner’s minds, as the insects are insidious and make their present known at an unexpected time. If you have a termite problem, a provider in termite control in Fort Myers FL can assist you in eradicating the issue once and for all.

A Termite Inspection – The First Order of Business

If you have not previously called a provider in termite control in Fort Myers FL, you might be wondering what an inspection entails and want to know more about the insects. Definitively, a termite inspection involves visually examining a property at various home checkpoints for an infestation, specifically, at entryways and access points where termites can gain entrance.

Therefore, termite control includes assessing such areas as crawl spaces, basements and foundations. Usually, the inspection takes up to forty-five minutes, depending on the size of the home as well as other factors, such as any clutter, surrounding the property. Termite control services by Pest Control Kings specialists are provided in the Fort Myers FL area and beyond.

Looking for Termites and Other Wood-Destroying Pests

Termites, themselves, can be found all over the U.S., including the coldest regions of the country. Unfortunately, even cold weather will not kill a termite as the insect merely goes into hibernation during the chillier parts of the year. Fortunately, termite control in Fort Myers FL is not limited solely to termites but covers other wood-destroying insects, too, such as carpenter bees or ants.

Subterranean termites meld inconspicuously into the landscape, as they appear grayish and translucent, much like a grain of rice. Termites of this type are categorized into three castes: reproductives or swarmers, workers and soldiers. Workers look like swarmers except they are smaller and do not have wings. Soldiers look similar to the swarmers and workers except for their mandibles and oversized heads. Oftentimes, reproductives are mistaken for flying ants.

Eradicating a Colony

When it comes to termite control in Fort Myers FL, exterminators usually chemically treat a colony. A termiticide is used for this purpose. With the substance applied between the soil and the wood in a building, technicians usually trench the soil and inject termiticide at intervals of approximately a foot and a half. Masonry block foundations may be drilled as well and termiticide injected into the voids.

Besides the aforementioned line of defense, Eastern subterranean termites in Fort Myers FL may be eradicated by in-ground baiting systems. Termite control using this method involves placing cellulose in strategic spots around a home’s perimeter. The cellulose is then supplanted with a chemical inhibitor, all which retards the molting process of the termites and prevents their growth. As a result, the colony subsequently dies from the inhibitor.

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