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How Bamboo Is Sweeping, Er, Wiping the Nation Clean of Unpleasantness

Bamboo is the wave of the present and future. This fibrous tree material grows very quickly and is extremely strong and durable. Its popularity is growing so rapidly that more and more new products are being made from it every day. It is extremely environmentally friendly too, so much so that they now make environmentally friendly toilet paper from bamboo. If you are curious as to what this toilet paper is like, you’re not alone.

Doesn’t Rip Easily

You know that sinking feeling you get when your toilet paper rips and you are stuck with something unpleasant on your hand? You won’t have that problem with this environmentally friendly toilet paper. Bamboo toilet paper doesn’t rip or shred when wet or holding matter. Your hand stays cleaner and drier.

Surprisingly, bamboo toilet paper is also soft. It’s not scratchy or rough as you might expect. It’s almost like cloth and not a lot like your usual toilet paper.

Doesn’t Use Bleach to Create a White Toilet Paper

While you may initially balk at the color of bamboo toilet paper, don’t. It’s off-white to beige because the natural fibers of bamboo are this color. No bleach or harmful chemicals have been added during the production process to get an artificially white toilet paper.

That means that fewer, if any, harsh chemicals end up in the air and/or water. It’s perfect just the way it is and really, no toilet paper has to be white to work as it is meant to work. For more information, please visit Bampoo.

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