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Water Heater Installation: Prep Checklist

Your old water heater needs to go. If you’re getting ready to have a new water heating system installed, here’s what you need to keep in mind. Go over the list, so you’ll know how to proceed.

Prepare the Area

If you hired tankless water heater installation services in Phoenix, Arizona, you’d be waiting for a professional to knock on your door. Before the technician arrives, make sure you do a clean sweep of the area. Remove furniture, personal belongings, and anything that can get in the way of the job. They are no longer in the way, so the crew won’t accidentally trip over them.

Keep Kids and Pets Out

Curious kids and pets may come to the site unsupervised. Make sure that doesn’t happen. If they trip over any of the equipment or power tools around, that could lead to an accident. It only takes one moment’s inattention for your child or pet to get hurt, so keep them out of the area.

Assess Your Current Needs

Are there other services you need aside from hiring pros to install a water heating system? Do you need to have your plumbing system inspected or fixed? It may be possible to hire the same team or service provider. Check their service lineup to find out more.

Ask How Long It Will Take

Find out how long the installation will be. How many hours will it take? That should give you an idea of what you can do while the installation is ongoing. Since you know how many hours the work will take, you can also determine if the technician is running late or is on track.

Be Available

Be there for any questions that the technician might have about your home or property. You don’t need to hover around them, looking over their shoulders to check if the work is going well. Just monitor the project’s progress from the sidelines. Don’t disappear and turn up only when it’s done.

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