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Compassionate Support From Funeral Home Services Near Oakland, CA

Loss of any type is always difficult. At this challenging time, it is helpful to work with funeral home services near Oakland, CA, that offer compassionate support and comprehensive services.

Advanced Planning and Funeral Directives

Planning a funeral for a loved one requires making many different decisions. In some cases, the deceased may have completed advanced planning with funeral home services in the area. This helps to reduce the stress and difficulties as the funeral home has precise instructions left by the deceased.

In many cases, the deceased has a payment plan with the funeral home. He or she may have paid for their services over time, including casket, burial, services, cremation, and other specific costs involved in the process. It is important for the family to understand that the funeral home will honor the wishes of the deceased under the contract developed at the time of the advanced planning.

Planning for an Immediate Need

It is not uncommon for the deceased to have discussed funeral services and their wishes with a family member or friend. With elderly parents, this is often the adult children, but it may also be another family member or friend.

Conveying this information to the funeral home services near Oakland, CA, allows the family to plan a funeral that honors those wishes even if they were not in writing.

If the family has no advanced directive from the deceased, the funeral home staff will be instrumental in making recommendations and in assisting the family members throughout the process.

When you need compassionate care and support from funeral home services near Oakland, CA, contact a family service advisor at the Cathedral of Christ the Light Mausoleum today.

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