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Funeral Services to Look for in Lafayette, California

It can be quite difficult to handle a loved one’s death. Sometimes it’s better to check for funeral services close by, like those in the area of Lafayette, California. The majority of funeral houses provide a wide range of services, including cremation, religious ceremonies, and funeral services. The funeral homes in the Lafayette, California, region can offer the following services.

Cremation and Burials

Most funeral businesses offer both cremation and burial services. Depending on your preference for the deceased, you can conduct funerary services either before or after the body is cremated or placed in a cemetery plot. A funerary director and conductor of ceremonies can deliver parting words as needed, much like other funeral homes near Lafayette.

Bury Right There, or Scatter Ashes

Transporting a casket to the burial plot is costly, especially if the burial plot is more than ten miles away. You can forego this issue by burying your deceased in a plot on sight with this particular funeral home. Choose from open and available plots when you are finalizing services and arrangements for the body, and the staff on site do the rest.

If you plan to cremate, the funeral parlor offers different locations where you may spread your loved one’s ashes. There are some very nice spots available, and the ashes just naturally blow away on the wind or become part of the landscape on their own. When you are ready to see all of the available services this particular funeral parlor offers, contact Queen of Heaven Cemetery and Funeral Center.

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