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Boost Your Unlimited High Speed Internet in Wichita, KS

Unlimited high speed internet in Wichita, KSis necessary for many homeowners. Do you work from home? Do you love to download the latest movies or do your children need a high-speed internet for school? You do not have to go without high-speed internet because you live in a rural area. When your internet provider cannot help, you should contact a third-party company that installs wireless internet towers.

Property Assessment

Wireless internet towers are the latest innovation. They will boost your cell phone service, offer 4K surveillance, and increase your internet speed. Internet experts will evaluate your property prior to installation. The tower must be higher than your roof, treeline, and surrounding hills. They will decide the best location for your wireless internet tower and discuss your options. They will explain why the location is the best and guarantee you have strong unlimited high speed internet in Wichita, KS.


Many homeowners will ask how long it takes to install a wireless internet tower. The length of installation varies. It depends on your property. How far will the installation crew need to drive the supplies? Is the ground soft or hard? Is the ground composed of dirt, clay, or rock? It can take between a few hours and a few days to professionally install a wireless internet tower.


The installation company will also provide maintenance services. The professionals will tell you which types of towers require more maintenance and which require less. Often, they will offer routine maintenance services included in your installation package.

From Design to Installation and Maintenance, Rountree Towers can fulfill your internet tower requirements.

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