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Your Guide to the Freshest-Tasting Coffee You’ll Ever Taste

If you are looking for better, more delicious coffee, the answer is to get the freshest ground beans you can buy.

What does this mean for your finished brew – and how do you secure that elusive, perfectly-fresh coffee?

Here’s what you need to know:

It’s All About Chemistry

There are two key chemical factors to creating a delicious, fragrant cup of coffee – and both make freshness important.

The first of these is carbon dioxide. The buildup and release of this chemical are what give a cup of hot coffee its warm, rich fragrance or “bloom”. This chemical is exchanged with oxygen in a process known as oxidization, which impacts nearly every food and drink product. As this happens, the rich aromas that coffee is loved for can become bitter, stale, or sour.

The next process is the loss of important flavor-building compounds like aldehydes and pyrazines. These chemicals give coffee the earthy, sweet, bold flavors that it is known for. They are also quickly lost soon after roasting and grinding.

This presents a conundrum. To make coffee into the brew we love, we must first roast and grind it. But doing so is also the reason the beans quickly lose their freshness and appeal.

The Best Coffee is Fresh Coffee

With all of that in mind, it only stands to reason that the best coffee you will ever drink will be coffee made from freshly roasted and ground beans.

However, getting your hands on the freshest possible coffee isn’t always easy. No matter where you shop, coffee that is sitting on a store shelf may be weeks or even months old – and even coffee shops that sell their own blends may have stale coffee sitting on their shelves!

Luckily, with some Las Vegas coffee roasters also offering in-house brewing and service, you can get your coffee right from the source. Then, you can purchase freshly roasted or roasted and ground beans right from the creators, taking them home a few days at a time for better beverages there, too.

Take It Easy Roasters offers a hot brewed cup or an iced coffee beverage made from freshly roasted and ground beans. You may never settle for coffee off the store shelf again!

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