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Lost Foam Process: What You Need to Know

There are plenty of advantages to using the lost foam process for casting. If you use it for manufacturing the industrial parts you need, you can look forward to the following:

Benefits of the Lost Foam Process

• You don’t need to spend money on binders, cores, or additives. That saves you a lot of money and time since you also won’t have to bother buying them or hunting them down.
• The process minimizes your scrap volumes.
• The energy and manpower footprint of the equipment is small. That’s why you won’t have to worry about the equipment requiring immense energy and manpower systems.
• The process makes flexible casting designs possible.
• The results designs are environmentally friendly.

Choosing a Manufacturer

If you’re readying to try the process for several industrial parts, you’ll need to find a manufacturer to help you. Here’s what you should look for:

• Experience. Has the company been around long enough to have the expertise needed to provide for your casting needs?
• Inventory. Can the supplier provide more than one of the items you’re looking for?
• Equipment. Does the company have advanced equipment to ensure high-quality production of precision parts?
• Reputation. What kind of reputation does the company have? Does it possess a track record for exceptional quality products?

Remember Other Factors

Aside from the usual factors, be sure to pay attention to the following considerations, too. Take the time to think them through before you pick a supplier.

• Does the company provide excellent customer service?
• What do consumer reports say about the supplier?
• Can they customize? If you require parts that are fully customized, can the supplier help?
• Do they deliver to your region? Be sure to check.
• Will they continue to offer support after you buy the parts you need? If they don’t and a problem comes up, you’ll be left in a bind. Find a firm that can be your long-term manufacturing partner instead.

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