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The Inflatable Pool Water Slide – A Smart Way to Beat the Heat in America

A large inflatable slide with an inflatable pool can transform a yard into a water wonderland. There is no better way to make a big splash on a hot day.

A Fast and Efficient Path to Fun

An inflatable pool slide is easy to assemble and dissemble. You can buy one as a complete kit. A standard kit includes

  • The inflatable structure
  • An electric air pump
  • A water slide sheet

No-Risk Thrills Prevent Spills

Inflatable pool slides are safe for kids. They’re quality products because they’re made with highly durable, commercial-grade materials like vinyl and heavy-duty PVC.

Economical Family Fun

You can easily install this pool slide on a budget. It will not require a concrete foundation, a plastic frame, or a steel frame like a regular pool. It will only require a flat foundation on solid ground.

Less Water Equals Substantial Utility Savings

When it comes to water capacity, an inflatable pool is the clear winner. It holds far less water than a traditional above-ground swimming pool.

Also, an inflatable pool is environmentally sound. If the water in the pool is clean, you could reuse it at the end of the day.

How to Dive into the World of Water Slides

To make a splash this summer, you’ll need a quality pool water slide and a few mesh pool floats for inexperienced swimmers. At most stores, good, quality mesh pool floats are available for kids and adults. If you want to explore more options, contact WOW Sports LLC today.

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