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The Best Nurse Call Systems in Portland, OR

Are you worried about how your patients can notify someone if they need help? Are patients or clients left alone in their rooms without constant eyes? Nurse call systems in Portland, OR, provide numerous benefits. However, understanding these benefits can help you decide on which emergency communication system to install and justify the cost of installation. You will also have a better idea of which provider to enlist to install the system.

Fast and Customized Alerts

Emergency communications, also known as nurse call systems in Portland, OR, greatly enhance the ability to respond to various emergencies. Each system will have slightly different features and functionality. At a hospital, a nurse call system can alert the entire building in a matter of seconds. A button can be placed on the side of a patient’s bed to alert the closest nursing station. If there is not a nurse available, you can request the system to alert all local stations.

Nurse emergency communication systems vary in cost. You should expect the system to work and work efficiently. The best installation companies will offer regular inspections and contracted help in case the program or physical equipment fails.

Visible and Audible Alerts

The best nurse call systems in Portland, OR, will provide both visible and audible alerts. An emergency call system is pointless if it cannot be heard or seen. For example, if the emergency alert is sent via email, many nurses and doctors may not be aware of the emergency if they are not on their computers. On the other hand, if a nurse is checking their emails in a private office and not near the nurses’ station, they may not see a visual red light near a patient’s room. The best emergency call system will provide multi-channel alerts that meet your staff and hospital’s needs.

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