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Who First Invented Karaoke?

Karaoke is an interactive entertainment format where you sing along to instrumental music using a microphone while the lyrics are shown on a screen. Karaoke is often offered at clubs, bars, and dedicated karaoke joints known as karaoke booths. While a lot of people enjoy living out their singing dreams at karaoke bars, have you ever wondered who invented this beloved pastime?

Where karaoke begun

Karaoke first began in Japan, where it is rumored to have originated at a snack bar. As the story goes, the owner played some recorded music and encouraged customers to sing along after a performer he had booked bailed.

However, it wasn’t until 1971 when Daisuke Inoue, a Japanese inventor created the first karaoke machine. While working as a backup musician at a coffee house, a client asked Inoue to accompany them to see some business associates. 

However, since Inoue wasn’t able to make it, so he did the next best thing. He made a custom recording of his music, so the client to sing along to it, and that’s where the inspiration for the first karaoke machine struck.

Daisuke then created a machine with a microphone, amplifier, and a speaker that played music you could sing along to and named it 8 Juke. Together with some friends, he built eleven machines and rented them out to different entertainment joints.

Demand for these machines quickly shot up, and their use quickly spread throughout Asia and all over the world, with the first karaoke place opening in Los Angeles, CA, in 1982. As the years moved on, karaoke became even more popular, with some businesses setting aside entire spaces so revelers can rent them out enjoy themselves but still have their privacy. That’s how karaoke boxes were established.

Tragically, even though Daisuke invented the first karaoke machine, he never patented his design. This honor goes to Roberto Del Rosario, who patented the design for the first karaoke machine in 1975 Shrine.

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