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Pizza in Phoenix, AZ: Use These Clues to Find a Delicious Place

Finding a good pizza restaurant in Phoenix, AZ requires some detective work. There are many options out there, yet you have to figure out which one might have the best pie for you. The following are a few signs that can help narrow down your choices.


One thing you want is longevity. Find out how long this location or pizza chain has been serving the people of your community. New locations haven’t been there long enough for you to know if they’re any good. Pizza joints with longevity have earned loyal customers, and that only happens when the pizza is good.

Family Owned

This is a great thing to look for when looking for a good pizza restaurant in Phoenix, AZ. Small, family-owned establishments work hard to retain customers. Big chains may not care as much because they’ve got name recognition. Small restaurants have something to prove and their name is on the line. If you notice that it’s independently run, chances are you’ve found a good place to eat.


People who care about pizza take the time to learn about real Italian food. If you notice that the restaurant offers other Italian delights, like calzones or Italian sandwiches, then you’re probably choosing a good restaurant. This isn’t to say that a restaurant can’t do something different, but you have to master the original pizza before you start getting creative.

You’ve got plenty of clues to help you find a good pizza restaurant but go beyond these points. Talk to locals, go online, and look at third-party reviews to narrow down your options.

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