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Various Tree Service Make Any Yard Fabulous

There are several tree service companies in the New Hope area. They have a pretty expansive list of available services provided. A lot of them even offer custom services that are not even mentioned in their list of available services. Here is a brief explanation of some of the better known and most common types of services offered by companies for tree service in New Hope MN.

Trimming and Pruning

The first and most common type of tree service offered is trimming and pruning. For these jobs, a tree service company provides regular maintenance on the trees. This can help to keep the trees looking beautiful as well as keep the tree from interfering in areas where they are not wanted such as near homes and power lines.

Another job offered by companies for tree service in New Hope MN is tree cutting and removal. Some trees, especially in the northwest, tend to grow to massive sizes. What makes it even more difficult is that these trees have an expansive root system that is even larger in size and even more difficult to remove. Often times the only way to remove these trees is with the help of heavy machinery.


Stump removal and the grinding of the stump are closely related to the service of tree cutting and removal. Most tree service companies offer all of this as a package offer. Some people try to cut back on costs by electing not to have the stumps removed but when packaged together along with the tree cutting and removal services it is actually not that bad as far as costs are concerned.

Storm cleanup or emergency work is also a service that most tree service companies offer. Disasters happen and sometimes there is just too much debris for one person to remove on his or her own. A professional company can help. Sometimes the services are even covered by a person’s insurance policy.

Another service offered that is not quite as common is called view enhancement. In some situations, a person may not want to remove a tree but would love to have a better view from their home. When this is the case a tree service company can actually look at what a person wants and then make the proper trimmings so as not to disturb the tree while enhancing a person’s view from their home at the same time.

Of course, there are plenty of other types of services offered by these tree service companies in New Hope. Some of the services require custom quotes while others can be offered as packages. Regardless of what is needed, a person can have any tree service company come out to their place to give a free estimate for the job that is needed.

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