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How You Can Make Money Off of Art on Etsy

We live in an age where artists are now turning to the internet to get their artwork sold. While many people still work tirelessly to own and maintain a physical studio location, many artists are getting started online with much success.

However, starting online is tricky. Like with any business, you may not begin making sales for a couple of months. The way you market your brand and work heavily influences the sales that roll in or don’t roll in.

As a company started especially for independent artists, Etsy is a great starting point for someone looking to sell their hard work online. Etsy is the go-to platform for potential buyers searching for a perfect, unique, handcrafted gift. If you can quickly master marketing on Etsy, you will be making money off of your fine art in no time.

Take quality pictures- If the images you take of your work are too dark, too grainy, too small, or too close, potential buyers will not trust the quality of your work. Customers like to fully see what they are buying in good lighting taken by a quality camera or phone. Invest in photo editing software to brighten up pictures and highlight the little details you worked hard to create.

Invest in prints- Fine art reproductions will be your absolute best friends. Digital printing allows artists to get more bang for their buck out of a piece of art. Instead of just selling a piece once, you can sell a singular piece over and over again!

To get good quality prints, you can’t just trust your artwork to anyone. That is why our recommendation is Cornerstone Graphic Technologies, LLC. With over 300 years of combined experience, the professionals at Cornerstone Graphics are well versed in fine art reproduction. Using Giclee printing, a high-tech inkjet printer, the print shop works tirelessly to match colors exactly and even brighten your work.

In 27 years, Cornerstone Graphic Technologies has never had a dissatisfied customer. When you bring your artwork to the experts at Cornerstone, you are guaranteed a quality product that will surely catch the eye of potential clients on Etsy. Visit the Cornerstone Graphic Tech website today to see how fine art production can benefit you.

Use descriptive keywords- When getting ready to post a product on Etsy, include a title, tags, and item description. Here, you can add your medium of choice, colors, and size, amongst other keywords. Experts from Etsy recommend typing in products similar to yours in their search bar and writing down what pops up. Keywords are a whole different ballgame, so check out this article to better grasp how to use keywords for your products.

Personalize customer service- Etsy is already somewhat famous for this in itself. Being a platform of a collection of small businesses, many Etsy vendors work hard to give their customers a unique customer service experience. Personalize an order with a thank you note, a sticker, a dried flower, or even confetti! Something to show the customer that you care about them and appreciate their support. It will leave them wanting more from you!

Many factors go into running a successful storefront on Etsy. Go the extra mile to get your work in front of the public’s eyes, and never skip a step! Chances are, you are a talented, creative artist. So set up your Etsy storefront today and share your gift with the world!

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