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Why Visiting the KC Wine Company in Olathe for Some Great Events Is Smart

If you are looking for some fun events when you are visiting Olathe and don’t want to delve into the family-friendly atmosphere, then visit the KC Wine Company may just be your best bet. There are many events in Olathe that happen there that can provide you with a great time!

Live Music

On the weekends the winery regularly has live music that can be enjoyed while drinking some of their award-winning wine that is made onsite. This is an excellent opportunity to destress from the busy week in a pleasant yet casual setting. You don’t need to make a reservation for the night, either, just come when you want.

Easter Fun

Every year the winery has an adult Easter egg hunt. This is a great way to have fun with your friends in a laidback and fun-loving way. Participants find and collect as many as they can that they can then redeem for cool prizes, all the while enjoying wine and wine seltzers.

Not Just The Winery

The fun isn’t just limited to activities at the winery itself. The KC Wine Company is a sponsor of many festivals and gatherings all over the Olathe area. From the Sunflower Festival to the world-renowned Cider Fest, the winery makes sure there are plenty of events in Olathe to enjoy when you visit Olathe, KS.


If you have a private event that you want to hold, you are also in luck. The winery has private space that they rent out to interested parties.

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