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Active Dog Breeds for Outdoor Lovers

As the weather warms up, outdoor sports are beginning to appear once more. Hiking, swimming, fishing, running, and other outdoor sports are perfect for warm weather, but sometimes, they aren’t too fun to perform alone.

Dogs are the perfect, faithful companions for outdoor lovers. Unlike humans, dogs never have a busy schedule, so they are always up for a new adventure with their favorite family member.

Before you click off of this article and buy any random dog, you must consider a few dog breeds when thinking of giving your pup an active lifestyle. Unfortunately, there are some dogs you will not catch running, jumping, or climbing any time soon. So before you pick up a pug or chihuahua, finish this article to see what sporty dog may fit your active lifestyle.

Golden Retriever

These big, lovable teddy bears are a part of the sporting group, a group of dogs that thrive when active. To be happy pups, goldens require a minimum of one hour of exercise per day. Golden Retrievers will join their owners in any sort of outdoor activity, but they particularly enjoy the water.

Russell Terrier

If you are looking for a smaller active dog, a Russell Terrier may be your new best friend. These terriers have endless energy and are brilliant animals. Bred as a hunting dog, Russell Terriers love to dig, chase toys, and take long walks.

Siberian Husky

These goofy dogs thrive in cold environments and are incredibly strong. In Alaska, Huskies are known for their sled-pulling abilities. One to two hours a day of exercise will significantly benefit your Husky, so taking them on hikes, long walks, and to dog parks will make them happy campers.

B eagle

Sweet Beagles were bred as hunting dogs and are categorized in the hound group. They are loveable companions who cherish the outdoors and frequent playtime.

Portuguese Water Dog

Under all that black fluff is an outgoing, affectionate dog who has an affinity for the water. Swimming, dock-diving, and long walks will make a Portuguese Water Dog happy, especially if they have their owner by their side.

D almatian

These iconic spotted dogs are loyal, highly intelligent, and athletic. They are very energetic and require much physical and mental stimulation. Dalmatians love to accompany their owners on bike rides and runs and will excel in agility training.

Whichever dog you choose, make sure it fits your lifestyle. While they are all athletic, some require more activity than others to be happy puppies. More research can be conducted on the American Kennel Club’s website on specific dog breeds to see if you have indeed found the right breed for you and your lifestyle.

You have a few options when you are ready to add your new furriest family addition. Dogs can be adopted from local shelters or adopted as family-raised puppies. Homemade Puppies, based in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, connects prospective adopters to family-raised puppies bred, born, and raised with care.

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