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Add Christmas Cheer to Your Florida Home With Outdoor Lights

During the holiday season, you can bring the exterior of your home in on the festivities by hanging Christmas lights. Before you begin, there are a few things to keep in mind so that you get the look that you want.


In order to get a better idea of how other people see your home from the outside, take a few pictures before hanging any lights. You can look at the pictures to see where you should place outdoor Christmas tree lights so that they are only on trees that will be seen by your family and those who pass by your home. Pictures can also give you a better idea of where you should hang lights on your home instead of only on the trees and bushes.

Take Measurements

Instead of guessing how many strands of lights you’ll need, take measurements of the areas where you want to hang outdoor Christmas tree lights so that you’ll know exactly how many feet you’ll need to buy. Make sure you get an extra strand or two as you want to have more lights than not enough, especially if the lights that you want to hang are in popular demand and could be hard to find.


To keep the lights from falling off the trees, windows, or roof, use plastic clips. They won’t cause as much damage to the exterior of your home as nails and other products would and are lightweight, which means that they fall off the surface as easily. Learn more about displaying lights outside your home by contacting The Christmas Palace.

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