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Increasing Wet-Milling Productivity With Batch Mixing Service Providers

Though batch mills have existed since the 19th century, modern technology has made them a revolution in today’s ink, pigment and paint industries. Today’s machines can shift quickly between batch types and increase production output. Experienced batch-mill, or basket-mill, manufacturers have improved the design to make durable, effective and easy-to-use machines.

How a Batch Mixer Works

Batch mixer manufacturers improve mixing productivity by designing machines with dual shafts that can spin at matching or independent rates. The first shaft uses a propeller to direct liquids to the second shaft. The second shaft holds a basket containing balls or media and an agitating component equipped with pegs. The agitator mixes and blends media while breaking particles down to the level of microns.

Batch mill features include:

  • Low-maintenance permanently sealed bearings
  • A heavy duty, chemical-resistant lift and bridge
  • Stainless steel, urethane, ceramic or plastic wetted parts
  • Water cooled mix tanks with water-manifold control
  • Easy batch transition with an air-over-oil lift method
  • Programmable logic controls and remote monitoring

Toll Milling

Wet milling is a profitable service because of its ability to break down particles and produce a greater range of byproducts. But because it’s a labor and energy-intensive process that can sometimes require specialized equipment and personnel, wet milling can be costly.

To address the problem, batch mixer manufacturers can offer toll milling services, in which they provide batch mills and other wet milling equipment and parts to supplement production and increase profitability.

Experienced batch mill manufacturers understand how one type of equipment can impact production. Their industry experience allows them to benefit media-mixing producers by delivering equipment with minimum turnaround time, manufacturing parts during downtime and providing technicians to answer questions.

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