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5 Performance Criteria That Oil And Gas Equipment Components Need To Meet

Oil and gas production is high-pressure, high-temperature work. As such, it cannot be successfully carried out if you need to worry about breakdowns all the time and to improve your equipment. The cost of production equipment is already high at the initial purchase and would only be increased by the need to improve these assets.

Therefore, it is essential that the equipment used to manufacture oil and gas products meet certain criteria for smooth operations.

High temperature

Production processes occur in very high temperatures, sometimes even exceeding 700° F. Every component, from the horizontal and vertical machining centers, to the broaching and five-axis machines, needs to be able to withstand this temperature.

If they cannot, they may melt or deform, compromising the production and potentially leading to enormous damage. The replacement costs may also be high.

High pressure

Oil and gas products are refined and transported under high pressure. Every piece of equipment needs to be capable of withstanding this kind of pressure, lest there are leakages. Imagine if there’s a leak in the piping system somewhere beneath the ground, miles away from the processing plant.

Chemical exposure

Many corrosive chemicals are used within oil and gas production processes. These include cleaning agents and gases like H2S. Equipment pieces need to be able to withstand such harsh chemicals for extended periods without interfering with their performance.


Reliability is one of the most crucial conditions that equipment must meet, and for good reason. First, the risk of breakdowns hampers production, but what is more, it is a danger to human life. Additionally, the repair and maintenance cost would be astronomical with components that keep failing.

Machine components must withstand the combined conditions for optimal performance, and this must be for extended periods.


Even though the initial equipment purchase is undoubtedly high, it does not have to be back-breaking. Consider your equipment suppliers and choose the most cost-effective set of machinery for your plant.

Equipment components must be well-suited to the intense environment around oil and gas production. This will ensure that processes are running smoothly and that you will not incur high costs in time and money.

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