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Catalytic Converter Theft in San Antonio Hits an All-Time High

Catalytic converter theft in San Antonio is a thriving business for the city’s criminal gangs. While catalytic converters are stolen throughout San Antonio, 45% of the crime is above the 410 Loop, on the North and Northwest side. The San Antonio Police Department reports that well over 1,700 catalytic converters were stolen last year; this year is also on pace for massive theft across the city.

Commercial vehicles are most often targeted, but even cars in church parking lots are targets. In San Antonio, almost 25% of the thefts are from Toyotas, and 20% are from Ford. If you have a Toyota Tundra, know that 12% of the stolen catalytic converters are from Tundras.

Car dealerships, storage lots, and mechanic shops are especially prone to catalytic converter theft in San Antonio

. As you can imagine, most of these thefts occur under the cover of darkness. That’s why it’s important to install security lighting and remote video monitoring. If a thief attempts to steal anything from your property, the police will be immediately alerted by your security company.

Sadly, San Antonio has extremely high crime rates across the board. In fact, the rate of robberies, rapes, and assaults in San Antonio is around twice the national average. It only makes sense to install a security system for 24/7 event-based monitoring. While San Antonio has a lot to offer its residents, it also is a hotbed of crime.

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