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11 Ways to Brew the Best Cup of Coffee

The best smell that can fill the air in the mornings is the fresh scent of brewing coffee. That scent is warm, comforting, and a sign that your day is about to start perfectly. Brewing the perfect cup of coffee is truly an art form. With so many ways to prepare a cup, it’s no wonder many coffee shops and enthusiasts have multiple pots and machines specifically for brewing coffee in different types of ways.

There are five categories of coffee brewing: boiling, steeping, dripping, pressure, and other. Among these five categories are 19 different brewing methods, but 11 of them are a little more popular than the others.


Cowboy coffee

Cowboy coffee is easy, cheap, and great for people on the go (such as hikers and campers). Boil coarse grounds in a pot of hot water for a few minutes. After your preferred amount of time has passed, remove the pot from the heat to allow the grounds to settle to the bottom of the kettle. While cowboy coffee is convenient, you have to be ok with drinking some grounds.

Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee is a method of brewing that comes from the middle east. To achieve the robust and frothy flavor, you must acquire a cezve, the long-handled coffee pot seen above. First, boil fine grounds until frothy and remove from heat. Then, keep putting the cezve on and off the heat until the coffee is frothy.



Cold-brew can be found at any regular coffee shop. Cold-brew is a sweet form of coffee brewed by combining coarse grounds with room temperature water. Cold-brew is left in the refrigerator, usually overnight, and then strained in the morning to remove grounds.

French press

French pressed coffee is known for being rich tasting. First, a press is needed, where medium-coarse grounds are added along with boiling water. After 3-4 minutes, the handle is pressed down so the filter can push all of the grounds to the bottom of the press. The filter will not always catch all of the grounds, so you may have a few grounds in your cup.



Chemex is very similar to regular pour-over, except Chemexes can make multiple cups of coffee. The top of the Chemex gets a thick filter filled with medium-coarse coffee grounds, and hot water is slowly filtered through for a clear, smooth brew.


Pour-overs are small devices that fit right on top of your coffee cup. With a paper filter and medium grounds, pour boiling water in and watch it fall directly into your cup.

Clever dripper

A clever dripper has the same look as a pour-over, but the difference is that clever drippers allow the water to steep with the grounds instead of just going right through them. Then, after 3-4 minutes, move the device to the top of your mug, and the liquid coffee will release.


Espresso machine/single-serve pod

Espresso machines are costly and generally found just at coffee shops. However, if coffee is a budding passion of yours, you can get an espresso machine in your own home. Single-serve pod machines, such as Keurigs, are a more popular, quick, and easy-to-use option among the public.

Moka pot

The Moka pot is a less popular option, easy to operate, low in cost, and fast brewing. Moka pots are known to produce a similar texture and taste to espresso. Just add grounds and water to the brewer, place it on the stovetop, and let it create steam, which will turn it into the delicious, smooth coffee you need to wake you up.


Nitrous coffee

Lastly, nitrous coffee is a slightly carbonated coffee once again found mainly in coffee shops. Nitrous coffee, or nitro cold brew, is challenging to make at home but not impossible with the proper tools. And any of the tools and machines listed throughout can all be purchased online or in certain stores. Your inner coffee geek will undoubtedly find some joy with the addition of a new coffee maker.

Whatever method you choose, your coffee is only as good as your beans. For years, one coffee company and cafe in Lancaster, PA, has been using their own one-of-a-kind blend to create their famous coffee drinks. With their unique, exclusive blend, Coffee Co has become a favorite spot of thousands of Lancaster locals. Using some of the methods mentioned above, Coffee Co achieves a smooth, always delicious cup of coffee.

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