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Why Lift Chairs Are Very Important Medical Devices in Stockton, CA

When it comes to physical disabilities, there are actually quite a few devices that can help you move around. Of course, this is all dependent on what exactly your specific disability may be. A lift chair is very easy to use and can be procured from a medical mobility equipment rental in Stockton, CA.

Reduced Injuries

When people struggle to get out of a traditional chair, they leave themselves open to various types of injury. One of these is falling forward when trying to get up. This is because once the momentum of lifting their bodies is achieved, it is difficult to slow and stop it when in a weakened state. A lift chair will physically lift the person up so that they can stabilize themselves before beginning movement on their own.

Leg Elevation

To avoid blood clots, reduced circulation, as well as swelling in the legs, they need to be elevated at intervals. This is difficult to do with a traditional chair. Even a recliner will not provide the elevation that is usually needed. Thankfully, this is an easy matter when you rent a lift chair during your recovery period from a medical mobility equipment rental in Stockton, CA.

Aids The Aide

It can be very difficult for a home healthcare aide to lift or otherwise transfer a patient from a sitting position, especially if the patient outweighs them. With a lifting chair, the chair itself does all of the heavy lifting. Once the patient is in a standing position, they can be more easily moved.

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