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Top Tips for Picking the Best After-Dinner Speakers

After-dinner speakers used to be some of the most sought-after motivational speakers for business events, and they still are. According to industry experts, a business dinner speaker’s function was constantly on the topic, even as recently as ten years ago. After a while, the concept of an after-dinner speaker was pushed to the sidelines as the value of data and content gained centre stage in the conversation.

Many organisations still like to have some educational content mixed in with their evening meal entertainment. However, determining what makes a great after-dinner speaker is difficult to measure from group to group.

They Need to Be Storytellers

The difference between a decent educational keynote speaker and a session that your audience will never forget is compelling tales. Speakers who tell stories are one of the reasons why the live event industry is booming. Participants want smart storytelling that is both interesting and participatory, which is why they turn to companies such as JLA for the best after-dinner speakers.

This is especially true in the post-dinner setting. A speaker who can hold an audience’s attention during a meal is unique. Many presenters dislike speaking at lunch or dinner, but those who appreciate the power of storytelling never turn down the opportunity to share a tale.

They Know What Is Expected of Them

If you’re looking for a speaker to play this position for your event, ask all of your potential speakers about their experiences in the evening, after a meal, and when people are drinking. After-dinner speakers must understand what is expected of them and possess the charisma necessary to make the event entertaining and engaging.

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