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An affordable Commercial Alarm System in Louisville KY can keep you safe

Imagine a couple of scenarios, neither of which is good. Firstly, you come in from work only to find that your building was broken into while you were out and all your jewelry and other expensive possessions are gone. Second scenario, you wake up in the middle of the night only to realize your building is on fire. It is these horrific visions and others that are one of the driving forces behind a company’s decision to contact a security company in Louisville KY and get a good monitored Commercial Alarm System in Louisville KY business security system up and running.

Although many people do not opt for a monitored system, there is little doubt that monitoring is superior. The idea behind a security system is to have fast and reliable response to an incident. Hoping that someone in the area will raise the alarm is not good enough; you need a company to watch over your business all day and all night.

A system that is monitored by a security company in Louisville KY does not mean that the system has to be elaborate; the make-up of the system and the monitoring thereof are two different things. The simplest of systems, a door monitor and a few window monitors can be effective if it is monitored, it does not have to include all the available mechanics and features that are available. There are many systems that can be monitored effectively:

Door and window sensors: These sensors will trigger an alarm if they are disturbed while the security system is armed. Without monitoring, these devices will set off a local alarm which may or may not result in help from the authorities.

Motion detectors: If something moves within the sphere of a motion detector the alarm will be sounded. These are quite effective for use in parts of the business which are rarely used, perhaps a guest bedroom. They are not all that good when they are installed in areas where there is a lot of activity after the alarm has been set.

Fire detectors: Fire and smoke detectors can easily be integrated with a security system; these are especially good when remotely monitored because without them, the alarm is rarely raised until it is too late to save the structure or those in it.

Sonitrol KY is a security company in Louisville KY that can provide the necessary hardware and electronics as well as monitoring of the system, 24 x 7.

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