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Remember Your Special Day with Anniversary Flowers in Palo Alto

If you have an anniversary coming up, you may be wondering what gift to buy for the special occasion. Your anniversary is special. Each year your marriage passes shows how strong your love is, withstanding both good and bad times. Your gift should reflect your everlasting bond. Anniversary flowers in Palo Alto make the perfect gift for every wedding anniversary.

A Classic and Romantic Choice

A florist in Palo Alto will help you pick the perfect arrangement of anniversary flowers. Anniversary flowers are classic, romantic, nostalgic, and customizable to your anniversary’s milestone. A florist will help you pick the best flowers to make your anniversary special. If you want to choose the flowers without help, a florist will take your direction to create the personalized arrangement. To make your loved ones happy buy flowers from village flower shoppe.

Colors Specific to Your Wedding Anniversary

Each wedding anniversary is associated with a specific color or two:

  • 1st Anniversary: Yellow or Gold
  • 2nd Anniversary: Linen White or Red
  • 3rd Anniversary: Jade Green or White
  • 4th Anniversary: Green or Blue
  • 5th Anniversary: Turquoise, Pink, or Blue

Every year, the color associated with the wedding anniversary changes. You can find out what colors are associated with your wedding anniversary with a quick Internet search or by asking your local florist. The florist will discuss which flowers will best correspond with your milestone. Village flowers shoppe will help you to choose right flower as per your anniversary.


Before you start searching for anniversary flowers in Palo Alto, you will want to determine your budget. Certain flowers, such as roses, have specific connotations with the number of flowers in the bouquet. So, if you budgeted for $50 rather than the number of flowers in the bouquet, you should ask what the number represents and what it says to your loved one. You may also have thought of purchasing the flowers, but what about the vase? A vase makes the perfect accent for your loved one to display your wonderful anniversary present.

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