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A Promising Extract: Enhancing Foods, Skincare, and More in the UK

Manufacturers produce centella asiatica extract to meet United States Pharmacopeia (USP) standards. USP is a not-for-profit entity that works to standardize the quality of drugs and improve the safety of foods and medicines.

Companies that use centella asiatica extract look for suppliers that document their products meet the USP’s pesticide levels and microorganism ratios. These percentages are vital because this extract is infused into beauty and skincare treatments. If a manufacturing facility meets these high standards, their items can be used as an additive in food. Food additives can extend the shelf life of an item, improve the texture or taste, or enhance the look and color. Numerous governments and organizations around the world test and verify food additives for safety and quality.


The cosmetic industry uses this ingredient in moisturizers and other topicals because of its antioxidant mechanisms and levels of phenolic compounds. Scientists are continually researching this plant-based compound to understand its properties further, but some studies have shown that it helps repair skin, which many antioxidants do. Consumers can find this extraction in lip balms, lotions, and scalp applications. All of these products help fight off dry cracking skin and peeling.


Researchers are also studying the pharmaceutical properties of this plant-based extract. It may be able to help people sleep better and feel less anxious. The product is showing promise at being a tool to deal with generalized anxiety disorders (GAD), so it may be able to aid in the treatment of fatigue, trembling, and nervousness. For more information on the benefits and uses of centella asiatica extract, contact BGP Healthcare Private Limited at

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