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Surprising Benefits of Utilizing Residential Recycling Service in Eugene

Several tons of residential wastes are generated each year. Without proper disposal and recycling measures, these wastes can cause severe environmental impacts beyond measure. In order to remain safe and protect nature, you need to consider a residential recycling service in Eugene. Hiring a residential recycling service not only guarantees the health of your residents but also brings along the following surprising benefits:

Protects Waterways

Recycling residential wastes help reduce the number of pollutants and toxins released into the waterways. For example, it is estimated that millions of metric tons of plastics find their way into oceans causing various kinds of havoc, including aquatic suffocation. When such plastics are recycled, they can be put back to use, preventing them from accumulating in waterways.

Creates Green Jobs

The more you work with residential recycling services, the more you strengthen the industry. As more and more people are becoming environmentally conscious, recycling facilities are also growing in number. Eventually, this leads to creating jobs at the recycling plants, which is a plus for the environment and the economy.

Reduced Industrial Pollution

Various kinds of machines and vehicles are often used when manufacturing household items. These machines are powered by fuel which releases toxins in the atmosphere. However, when you recycle some of the products, the demand for producing more will decrease. Therefore, this will result in reduced environmental pollution considerably.

The best and recommended way to handle household waste is to work with professional residential recycling service in Eugene. At Royal Refuse Service, we have a proven track record of providing residential, commercial, and construction recycling services since 1976. For more information or assistance, feel free to contact us today by visiting our site at

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