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HVAC Exhaust Systems For Commercial Buildings in New York City

Exhaust Fans For Restaurants

Kitchens and other cooking areas inside restaurants must comply with local regulations involving air quality and sanitation. The smoke and other fumes must be properly removed and filtered with approved hardware. You could install an HVAC exhaust fan to optimize the air quality inside your restaurant. Such a device is usually integrated into the ceiling of a kitchen. Using powerful fans, the exhaust system quickly sucks in contaminated air from the surroundings. An HVAC exhaust fan is available in a wide range of ratings and capabilities to accommodate any type of commercial kitchen. Based on the total floor area of your kitchen, you could select an exhaust fan with the proper flow rate that’s usually expressed in CFM. Additionally, the power rating of the fan will be expressed in watts in accordance with standards in the USA.

Features of Commercial Exhaust Systems

A commercial-grade HVAC exhaust fan will have plenty of advanced features for optimum performance in any region and climate. For example, some fans have high-wind designs to withstand hurricanes, storms and tornadoes. The exhaust outlets should be reinforced with aluminum and other robust metallic components. You could add high-capacity filters to remove smoke and other airborne particles from your commercial kitchen. The filtration system should be cleaned and replaced at regular intervals based on the occupancy of the cooking area. Additionally, anti-vibration and noise-silencing technologies are available for exhaust systems that are installed in restaurants and other businesses.

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