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Looking for Access Control Bowling Green KY Area? Try Sonitrol KY

There is no doubt that privacy, security, and safety are extremely important factors one considers when shopping for an alarm system. Since technology has advanced, tinkering with these systems can be relatively easy for a skilled burglar. To further restrict access to one’s company, access controls were developed. These controls are in place physically whether it be a guard, a lock and keys, or mantraps. Most are familiar with the guards who have to ask for the proper identification. Mantraps are less familiar by name; often, it is defined as a small space of interlocking doors where the first door must be opened before the second does. In automatic cases, identification is required at each door whereas with manual traps, a guard will lock and unlock each door in sequential order.

Many businesses offer access control Bowling Green KY area. However, only one company makes a variety of devices to personalize one’s options, that of Sonitrol KY. Among the products sold are panic devices, exit devices, access using a multitude of ways, standalone door systems, and personal computer based multiple door systems. Panic and exit devices are often sold on doors for commercial buildings; these components allow fast exit from a doorway and are easily recognized by the push bar. There are three ways to gain access when using these products: keypad, proximity, and biometric reading. The keypad allows one to formulate a code that must be punched in each time one wishes to gain entry.

Proximity access is most familiar as a blank card that one swipes in front of a machine reader; for example, to gain parking in a secure lot or business area, one must have the card which communicates with the reader unit through radio waves. Biometric readings include scanning fingers or hands to allow access. Standalone door systems are used for Access Control Bowling Green KY area when one wishes to only monitor one door, like the back door of a building. Multiple door systems are common in buildings that require high security and can be monitored and opened using a personal computer set for the purpose.

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