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The Three Levels of Gym Membership Packages in Wasilla, AK

Working out at home is not always fun. Maybe you bought a treadmill to meet weight loss goals or get more healthy, but it is now working as a rack to hold your clothing. You may have also tried fitness videos but are getting bored with the same old routine. Joining a gym will give you access to more equipment. It will also give you motivation and a sense of community. Gym membership packages in Wasilla, AK are a great option to stay motivated and get healthy.

The Three Levels of Gym Packages

Typically, gym membership packages in Wasilla, AK have three levels:

  • Basic
  • Premium
  • Premium Plus

While the packages may not always use this terminology, they align on the levels of membership. Basic packages will have access to the gym, its weights, and member rooms to change or shower. Premium packages may include extras such as tanning and a guest pass. Premium plus packages include every service the gym has to offer such as massages, classes, and trainers. For example, Grizzly Family Fitness has three levels of membership packages but they are called basic, Grizzly +1, and Ultimate Grizzly.

Get a Deal When You Sign up Your Family

Gyms may also allow you to add family members to gym membership packages in Wasilla, AK. They will be more expensive than an individual package but will be less expensive than buying two separate packages. For example, an individual basic package may be $35 a month each. Buying a family package for you and your spouse may be $60 a month for the basic package. While it is more expensive, it is less expensive than buying two individual packages. You can ask your local gym what packages they have to offer and what discounts are available.

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