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How to Choose LED Lights for Kitchen Cabinets?

If you are planning to install LED lights for your kitchen cabinets, be sure you know which ones will satisfy your needs. There are various types available. While the final decision is yours, this guide intends to help you in discerning one type from another.


Before looking explicitly at the lights, it is important to consider other factors. Specifically:

  • Placement: Where do you intend to put them?
  • Intent: Is the focus on style, lighting depth/range or related factors?
  • Recessed or spotlight?
  • Colored or clear?

Knowing the answers to these questions will allow you to more easily determine which is best for your home.

Two Basic Types

LED lights for kitchen cabinets come in various types. Each has its advantages.

  • Puck Lights: Stylish, they are a form of spot or accent light. This makes them excellent for specific task work e. g. lighting for food preparation and cooking. They can also highlight a specific design or position. By recessing puck lights, you give the kitchen a tidy look.
  • Strip Lighting: This is colorful and playful lighting but also provides an even source of light. Strip lighting is warm and inviting. They can illuminate wider spaces. It is also customizable. Strips can be cut to a specific length.

Final Decision

It is up to you to make the final decision. Whatever you decide, be assured the LED lights for kitchen cabinets are easy to install. You will not need a professional but you will need to know where to install them and make sure an outlet is nearby.

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