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High-Tech Security Systems Stop Catalytic Converter Theft in San Antonio

The stealing of catalytic converters has always been a problem because these automotive components can be worth a substantial amount of money. This type of crime has skyrocketed during the pandemic, although that doesn’t mean large numbers of people have taken up the activity. One determined individual or team can make off with dozens or even hundreds of the parts from auto and RV dealerships overnight. Preventing catalytic converter theft in San Antonio has become a priority for these businesses.

Why It Happens

Catalytic converters are valuable because they contain platinum and rhodium. Those precious metals are worth a significant amount of money in the scrap market. Thefts of these components rise when scrap metal prices increase.

Effective Security

Some dealers consider hiring security guards, but that can be cost-prohibitive. Instead, having a new security system installed is an effective way of stopping would-be thieves. Around-the-clock surveillance and monitoring with cutting-edge technology make it easier to prevent catalytic converter theft in San Antonio.

Business owners can choose a system that alerts employees of the security company to the presence of an intruder. The workers can respond in a variety of ways, depending on the system that has been installed. They may be able to turn on floodlights at the dealership along with sirens. Calling the police to dispatch officers can also be done.

Concluding Thoughts

People who plan to steal catalytic converters may be undeterred at the sight of surveillance cameras. They’ve learned how to stay out of the picture most of the time and hide their identifying features. A system from the company represented at is a better solution.

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