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Here’s Why You Should Consult A Pro for Servicing Your Fire Extinguishers

You might think that you can service your own fire extinguishers. After all, even a large commercial property only has a handful of these devices. How difficult could it be?
The truth is that improper fire extinguisher servicing can lead to increased risk for fire damage to property, injury, and loss of life. If that sounds like something you would like to avoid, have your extinguishers serviced by a professional.

What Does Professional Servicing Entail?

Wondering what to expect during your appointment for fire extinguisher servicing in Jacksonville, FL? Here is a quick rundown:

  • Overall examination for damage, rust, etc.
  • Ensuring that wall mounting equipment is all intact and secure.
  • Check for use, including the removal of the pin, etc.
  • Check for proper pressurization.
  • Weighing and checking for loss of 10% or more of total weight.
  • Ensuring that the use instruction label is intact and clearly visible.

Other maintenance may be necessary, depending on the type of extinguisher you have. For powder-type extinguishers, ensuring that the powder is not clumping or otherwise compromised is essential. In water-based extinguishers, water should be emptied and replaced, and rust should be checked for.

How Often Should Your Extinguishers Be Serviced?

A qualified professional should check every fire extinguisher on your property annually to ensure that it is in good working order. The unit should be appropriately tagged during this check to ensure inspectors have proof of compliance and that the following inspection occurs within a year or less.

Additionally, your units should receive a comprehensive servicing every five years, including a full discharge and refill with proper pressurization of the units.  While you may hope never to need them, it is always a good plan to keep your extinguishers ready and able to tackle a small fire before it becomes a big problem!

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