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How to Fish for Stripers in The Delta

The Delta is one of the most idyllic fisheries in North and Central California. It is every angler’s dream to fish for stripers in this location because every year, the stripers make their annual migration on this route. Here, anglers have access to miles of open waters to explore various fishing techniques. Let’s explore the best striper fishing techniques you can employ while fishing in the Delta. 

Fishing Techniques to Bait Striped Bass

Fishing in the Delta open waters can be a daunting task. However, when charter fishing, you can access the experienced crew who know where to look for the best catch. 

The most common fishing technique used by anglers of all levels is live bait fishing. The essential tools you need include a rod and reel combo, line, tackle, live bait, lures, and tackle bags. Once you have all your gear ready, pin some live bait onto the hook and cast out the line. Sit back, have a beer and wait for the fish to come to you. Once you hook a fish, keep steady pressure on the fish as you reel it in. When you get the fish to the boat, net or grip the fish. Be careful, though; stripers are known to put up a fight. 

The other technique you can use to catch your striped bass is trolling and plugging. Fishers use one or more fishing lines baited with lures or bait fish and drag it on the water on a moving boat with trolling. With trolling, avoid moving against strong currents and always aim to run your boat parallel to the structures where stripers love to feed. When you fish parallel to the structures, the plug will be swept down current and into the stripers feeding zones. Alternatively, you can hold the boat up current of the structure where the plug can work back over a shoal and wait for your big catch.

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