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6 Things Before Choosing a Chef’s Apron

Pick suitable aprons. If you need them for work, then here are a few tips to make it easier for you to choose. When you shop around, these pointers will help you determine which options should be first on your list.

Know the Apron Requirements

If you’re using this at work, then it’s part of your uniform. What are the other requirements and conditions that the apron must meet? Find out what those are, so you can talk to the apron supplier or manufacturer.

Ask About Branding

Some companies require staff to wear chef aprons in the restaurant, school, or establishment’s branded color. They often have details in the designs that are essentially marks of the organization at which they will be worn. If that’s another requirement, then you’ll need to look for apron makers that can provide custom options for you, especially those that can add those brand elements with ease.

Consider If It’s Washable

How washable is the apron? Most aprons are easy to wash, but heavier ones, and some with additional hardware, or finishes require other methods. Also, is it easy to remove the stains? How often do you need to wash your apron for work? Aprons that are easy to wash might be more functional for you.

Think About Pockets

If you require maximum mobility and storage, you’ll be better off with aprons that come with pockets. That way, you can put your sharpies, tweezers and other tools in your apron. You won’t have to worry about misplacing them, forgetting where you’ve put them, or having to go back and forth for them.

Check the Temperature

Kitchens often get hot, especially in professional kitchens. Can your apron provide protection from the heat? Certain aprons help keep the wearer cool. You’ll want to check out those options, too.

Factor in Fabric

What type of fabric works best for aprons? Consider cotton and cotton blends. Some are stain and water-repellant, so they’re ideal if you bake and cook a lot with wet and staining ingredients. BlueCut – Modern Workwear, Uniforms and Aprons.

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