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Professional Security and Surveillance Solutions in Schaumburg, Illinois

Commercial Security Services

SMG Security Holdings LLC offers a wide range of premium security services for commercial entities in the Chicago metropolitan area. This professional company installs and monitors advanced building access control systems in Schaumburg, Illinois, and other surrounding communities. Such installations provide 24/7 security for offices, warehouses and other facilities that are mainly used for commercial purposes. Remote control of the security system is readily available through the state-of-the-art packages that are offered by the company. A color touch screen provides easy interaction at the point of installation near doors, gates and other entrances. Two-way intercom units also enhance the overall level of security for locations that require rigorous? monitoring in real time. Additionally, the built-in Z Wave TF protocol technology is integrated into the commercial security systems for extra peace of mind.

Surveillance Systems

In addition to offering building access control systems in Schaumburg, SMG Security Holdings LLC offers advanced surveillance solutions for businesses. Designed to deter theft and other crimes at commercial properties, high-resolution cameras may be mounted at strategic points. Powered by a reliable supply of electricity and backup batteries, the advanced optical systems capture wide-angle views in real time. The surveillance system includes a central station that receives the videos and images from all connected cameras in the network. Additionally, the security cameras may be synced with smartphones, desktop computers and other compatible devices.

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