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Three Reasons You Should Incorporate Healthy Beef Jerky Into Your Diet

Whether you think of cowboys, the Quechua people, ancient Egyptians or another group of people when you think of beef jerky, it’s a food that many have enjoyed for years. Beyond its practical purpose for keeping a steady source of food throughout the year, it tastes good and offers a number of benefits. Let’s take a look at three benefits to eating beef jerky.

Healthy Snack Alternative

Protein helps to keep kids, teenagers and adults full throughout the day because it is slower to break down than carbohydrates. This helps people to not be as hungry. Beef jerky also serves as a healthy snack as opposed to chips and other simple carbohydrates.

Build Muscle

One pound of muscle burns 50 calories while at rest. To build muscle, you need to ingest a certain amount of grams of protein throughout the day. That doesn’t mean you want to fill up on unnecessary fat or carbohydrates in addition to eating protein. Beef jerky is packed with protein and is low on fat, which helps to get in the right amount of protein without a lot of extras.

Keep Blood Sugar Steady

Protein helps to maintain blood sugar levels. This helps people to keep going strong throughout the day. There are endless varieties of beef jerky to enjoy, and you can incorporate different kinds in your diet throughout the day. For instance, you may or may not have heard about the best homemade bacon jerky.

Above are just some of the benefits to eating healthy beef jerky, but you should know they’re not all created the same way. For truly delicious and healthy beef jerky, check out the varieties created by.

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