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Different Ways to Make a Christmas Bow

It’s easy to go a little overboard with holiday decorating, but Christmas bows are a fantastic way to bring everything together, whether it’s your home or your present wrapping. Your Christmas decorations can be much more memorable if you pick the ribbon and color scheme yourself.

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to make a Christmas bow like the ones you see in photographs, let us show you how.

Classic Christmas Bow

This is the style of bow that most people picture when they hear the word. The best part is that it’s also the easiest one to make. You can use wired or non-wired ribbons, but wired makes it easier to form the shape.

Using your ribbon, make three loops around the object. Two of the loops are facing upwards, and one of the center loops is facing downwards. To achieve this, cross the right loop through and over the left loop so that the side with the tail hanging down is facing out. Fold the right loop down through the middle loop and secure it with a knot. Make a few finishing touches for shaping, and you are done.

Double Christmas Bows

To get the best double Christmas bow, we recommend that you use a double-sided, non-wired ribbon. A one-sided ribbon will work, but it will result in one of the loops being twisted so the bow looks correct. We recommend using something such as chair legs for your guides rather than your fingers to make a bigger bow.

Cut a piece of ribbon 18 inches long. Make a peace sign with your first two fingers and place the ribbon over them. The ribbon should overlap by four inches. Secure it in place using your thumb and index finger.

Wrap the ribbon once around your fingers. Reloop the ribbon under your middle finger so it faces downward. Bring the ribbon forward, making sure that it still points downwards. Loop it around the second finger, keeping it facing away from you. Bring it forward so it crosses the vertical loops and then ties a knot between your two fingers. Recircle the tail so it forms an “x” with the horizontal ribbon. Tighten it by pulling the tail up behind the “x.” For more information, please visit The Christmas Palace.

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