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The Unique Advantages of Using a Registered Agent Service in Miami, FL

A registered agent is defined as an individual or entity who has been contracted by a business to perform legal functions with the government and accept legal documents and mail on behalf of the business. Having a registered agent in Miami offers unique benefits. Here are just a few.

Business Flexibility

Registered agents are required to be open during normal business hours. However, there are many types of businesses that are not open during traditional hours and it does not make much sense for them to do so. This is where using the services of a registered agent can be useful.

If you are being served any kind of legal papers, the registered agent is able to accept them on behalf of your business. Such documents may include business and tax notices, payment reminders and similar documents, as well as summons, subpoenas and complaints.

Ensure Privacy

The address of any registered agent is required to be public information. If you choose to act as your own agent, your address will be made available in the public domain. If you work remotely, this may be your home address. If your business is international, this may be an overseas address. Either case can be a problem in terms of privacy or accessibility. When you use registered agent services in Miami, only the address of the agent is provided publicly. Addresses of registered agents are typically in office buildings, so you need not be concerned about having legal documents served at your home.

Protect Image

One thing that can quickly give your business a bad image is being served in front of customers or clients. Using a registered agent prevents this from happening.

There’s another reason to use registered agent services. If you are starting up a new business in Florida as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), you are required to designate a registered agent prior to filing your articles of organization.

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