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How to Capture More Vivid Colors When Shooting Video Anywhere in the U.S

If you’re interested in capturing video that you plan to share with a wide audience, you’ll want to ensure the final video is as rich and visually stunning as possible. You can make use of editing services, such as color correction services, to help you improve your footage. However, you can also make adjustments to your equipment to help you capture a better quality in your video footage.

Use Brightness and Contrast Settings

You can use the brightness/contrast setting on your camera to alter the sharpness and lighting in the video. In using this setting, it’s important to remember that brightness and contrast cannot be adjusted separately. As you change the brightness, the contrast will automatically adjust accordingly. It’s a good idea to take some sample footage ahead of time to ensure the setting gives you the intended results.

3-Way Color Corrector

Your video camera should also offer a setting that allows you to adjust the hue, saturation, and brightness/contrast. This is a single interface that allows you to adjust all three settings simultaneously. Observe the default setting so you can set it back if you don’t like the adjustments you have made.

Sharpening Tools

If you film something distorted or out of focus, you may have to reshoot that scene. However, if you just want to sharpen or soften the images in a scene, you can use sharpen settings for this purpose. While professional color correction services are best when you want to enhance the hue and tint in the footage, sharpening the image can help make the scene clearer.

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