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Household Composting in New Jersey is a Hedge Against Food Insecurity

Growing your own food has become more of an interest in recent years, especially in New Jersey. The fact is grocery store shelves are sometimes empty, due to shaky supply chains. Not only that, but food prices also keep rising, with no sign of slowing down. That means you’ll not only need to keep your own shelves well-stocked, but you may also decide to grow your own food.

Household composting in New Jersey goes together with growing your own food. Compost is perhaps the best fertilizer on the planet, and it can be made from your yard waste and kitchen scraps. Thus, the nutrients that the plants took out of the soil, are returned to the soil. While composting seems complicated, with the right tools it’s very easy. In fact, there are companies based in New Jersey that are leaders in the composting industry. A small investment in a composting system will quickly pay for itself, with savings at the grocery store.

The type of home composter you use will depend on the size of your household; most home composters are designed for around 2 pounds of waste per day. That can accommodate a household of four to five people. However, a small, commercial composter that can take up to 20 pounds of food waste per day could be installed at a small apartment complex. That way the tenants can turn their food waste into compost for a community garden.

company name is leading the way when it comes to household composting in New Jersey.

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