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Using Secure Document Destruction To Protect Important Information

When customers entrust a company to responsibly manage their personal information, it is a requirement to have processes in place to do exactly that. Private information might include customer addresses, phone numbers, income information, identification numbers, and payment information. To help safeguard this information, record keeping processes will need to be followed within the business.

Policies should include limiting online access to account information for authorized staff who have the proper clearance credentials. Security encryption along with password protection are the very basics of safeguarding information from being hacked. Since identity theft is a risk, procedures should be tested regularly to make sure there are no vulnerabilities in your operating systems.

At some point, customer information will no longer need to be held in a physical form within the company. This can be when a contract expires; the relationship is severed, or due to inactivity. If a confidential document is beyond its retention cycle, it is essential to select a certified vendor that provides secure document destruction.

Document Destruction in Dallas Tx can be provided at the customer location using a mobile shredding truck for onsite shredding. A truck would be dispatched on a scheduled day to the service address where the documents would be transferred into locking containers and shredded inside the truck. A video monitor on the outside control panel of the truck allows a customer to physically see the documents being shredded in real time.

All shredded fragments of paper for each customer are co-mingled inside the truck with other shredded material and then recycled by the Document Destruction company in Dallas Tx. Proper disposal and recycling is an important final step to make sure sensitive information does not fall into the wrong hands. If someone needs further information about how this process is conducted, they can contact Action Shred of Texas to ask questions. This will offer information about the process and an appointment can be scheduled if desired.

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